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New 'unvaxxed man' costume popular this Halloween

A new costume has proven popular this Halloween – the ‘unvaccinated man’.

Thirty-something Karens and their soy-boy partners will be dressing up as healthy men exercising their freedom of choice - and terrifying children.

'We'll be wearing it,' said one such couple. ' We thought about ghosts and serial killers but none of them are as frightening as the un-jabbed. We plan to jump out from behind the sofa and scare our daughter, Tamara. She's only three but she needs to learn that the unvaxxed are a mix of disease carrying zombie and a vampire feeding on our public health service. I'm sure she'll get the point.'

The costume comes in four sizes - small, medium, large and 'most likely to die of Covid'.

In related news, the Health Department has issued some guide lines on Covid and Halloween.

'When trick or treating, children must only knock on their own doors and all treats are banned. Happy Halloween.'

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