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Gang's 'get the jab or we'll break your legs' approach, a success

Covid vaccine rates have climbed among gang members after their leaders have tried a new approach: threats of extreme violence. 'It's more in keeping with our culture,' said Mongrel Mob leader Harry Munta. 'The guys really get the point when we threaten to knee cap them with a tire iron. They turn up at the vaccine centre the next day.'

' 'I got it done for my whanau, my community and my face. Harry was going to smash it in if I didn't.' said Rua Jones from the Taupo chapter.

'Yes the mob have been very useful in motivating their members to get the jab,' enthused one official from the Health Department. 'We have learnt a lot from their methods. Next week we are starting a nation-wide campaign targeting the vaccine hesitant. The slogan will be: Get vaccinated or we will rip your arms out of your sockets and beat you to the death with them. We are sure it will be a big success.'

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