• John Black

'Unbearable smugness' main Covid vaccine side effect

A feeling of smugness and unwarranted pride have been reported as the major side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine. Within 24 hours of receiving it, many of the newly vaccinated are feeling an irresistible urge to tell everyone they know. Many follow this up with a hounding of the so far unvaccinated demanding they make an appointment. In worse cases the vaccinated person may post a picture on their Facebook page of their vaccination certificate or even a close up of the moment of injection.

Trina Shonks, 22 did just that. 'If they don't 'like' those pictures then I 'unfriend' them. They are obviously antivaxxers and worse than Hitler.'

I just feel so proud to have been willing to have a few seconds of

discomfort. I did it for the team of 5 million.'

Doctors recommend quarantining yourself from any of these idiots.

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